Purposes of using Personal Information

We acquire our customers' personal information for the purposes and business requirements listed below. Personal information shall only be used under our customers' prior consent and within the scope of the specified purposes, strictly complying with our internal rules and legal measures.

Service Methods of Acquisition Purposes of Use
  • Global Remittance Service(enRemit)
    and other incidental activities
  • Web
  • email
  • FAX
  • mail

(submitted/presented by the customer)

  • To conduct ID verification and to
    secure login process, and to display
    customers' information on our website
  • To carry out overseas remittance
    services and other incidental activities
  • To answer inquiries from our
    customers or visitors
  • To provide brochures or catalogues
  • To plan and suggest our services
  • To research and analyse customers'
    needs for service ehhancement

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