How to request for the Disclosure of Personal Information

* 'Disclosure of Personal Information' refers to the disclosure of personal information, correction, addition and deletion of personal information that do not reflect the facts, suspension of use and elimination of personal information, suspension of providing personal information to a third party, according to the provisions of 'Act on the Protection of Personal Information'.

* Personal information which you can request is limited to the personal information we are authorized to disclose. (so called 'retained personal information')



Procedures for the Disclosure of Personal Information

1Request for the Disclosure

  1. Personal information which you can request is limited to those we have authority to disclose. ('Retained personal information' defined in 'Act on the Protection of Personal Information')
  2. Request for the disclosure can be made by either the person whose personal information is held by us ('Person') or the Person's legal representative.
  3. Please follow the steps below, to make a request for the disclosure of personal information.
    (A) by Phone

    Please call the number shown at the bottom of this page. One of our representatives will verify your identity and guide you in detail.
    (In this case the request can be made by the Person only.)

    (B) by Mail Please fill out and send the request form with a copy of your valid ID, via a trackable delivery method such as a registered mail, to the address shown at the bottom of this page.
    (Please note that you sholud bear the postal cost. We can also mail you the request form upon your request.)

    * When requesting by mail, you should send the request form only.

  4. Please clearly state what you are requesting for. If your request is unclear, we may not be able to answer your request.
  5. We will promptly respond (even when we deny your request) to your request for the disclosure by mailing a written document to your verified address. However, if you have requested to correct/add/delete or suspend the use of personal information by phone, we will inform you of the results by phone.

2ID Verficiation of Person and Person's legal representative

  1. To verify your identity, we ask you to kindly enclose one of the following documents when you mail us the request form.
  2. The information we need for vefication is your name, address, date of birth, registration number of your ID(such as driver's license number), date of issue, and name of the issuer(name of the prefecture, city, etc). You may hide the rest of your personal information.

(1)Requested by the Person
* Choose either (A) or (B)

(A) Provide One
from the right
  1. Copy of your driver's license
  2. Copy of your passport
  3. Copy of your health insurance card
  4. Copy of your pension book
  5. Copy of your basic residence register card with photo
  6. Copy of your certificate of alien registration or residence card
  7. Copy of your physical disability certificate
  8. Seal registration certificate
    (Issued within 3 months. Stamp your seal on a blank space)


(B) 1 from each
(i) and (ii)

2docs in total
  1. Certified copy or certified abstract of family register(Issued within 3 months)
  2. Residence card (Issued within 3 months)
  1. Copy of utility bill
  2. Copy of your student card or student book

(2)Legal representative of the Person

* All the documents from (iii) to (v)
(iii) Document(s) of either (A) or (B) of the Person
(iv) Document(s) of either (A) or (B) of the legal representative of the Person
(v) A letter of attorney signed by the Person (Please enclose the Person's seal registration certificate. If the legal representative of the Person is a family member of the Person, please enclose a certified copy or certified abstract of family register in order to prove your relationship.)

3Further information

  1. We will process your request based on your request form and ID(s) submitted.
  2. We will use your personal information on your request form and ID(s) to process your request for the disclosure.
  3. We will not return any documents submitted by the Person or his/her legal representative. The request form will be securely managed by us. (We will discard the ID(s) when the purposes of its usage are fulfilled.)
  4. You may not use our service if we complete deleting, suspending use, or suspending provision to a third party.
  5. The procedures for request may be subject to change partially or entirely without prior notice.
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