Economic Sanctions

Economic sanctions against North Korea and Iran are enforced based on the 'Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law'. Financial institutions are required to acknowledge and confirm their customers of the sanctions. Please read the following informed consent carefully before you use our service.

Informed Consent

We do not accept any orders if
- you do not specify the purpose of remittance in detail.
- you do not input the detailed item name when remitting for goods.
- you do not confrim that the origin country of goods and port of loading are not related* to North Korea or Iran.
(*) According to economic sanctions, you are not allowed to make remittance to North Korea and Iran.

•When you select the purpose of remittance from our list, please input the purpose of remittance in detail.

•We will ask you the origin country of your product, and port of loading if your purpose of remittance is for goods.
For goods listed below, please send us the certificate of origin, purchase order, invoice, or bill of lading by email or fax.

Ark shell Preparation of sea urchin Leaves of Smilax china Preparation of sea cucumber
Short-necked clam Shrimp Freshwater clam Clam
Abalone Flatfish Snow crab Flounder
Sea urchin Horsehair crab Octopus Matsutake mushroom

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