How to fill out Receive Money order form (Guest)

Please read through the following example, and fill out the form correctly.

1)Please input your name in English.
Please make sure that your name matches with the name on your ID, otherwise you can not receive your money.

2)Please select your date of birth.

3)Please confirm your email address.
If you do not provide correct email address, you won't be able to get important notice from us.
Please input either PC or mobile email address, and click 'Confirm email'.
Please input the confirmation code included in our mail.

4)Please input your address.
When you click [Search ZIP Code] and make your selection, the first part of your address will be filled out automatically.
* Please select your address from the search results if there are more than one shown.
Please input your detailed address in the order of building name, room number, house number(banchi), street name(choumei).

5)Please input your phone number.
Please input either your home number or your mobile phone number that we can call at day time.

6)Please select your main occupation.

7)Please input your reference number.
To receive money, you need to know your reference number(8 digits) issued by MoneyGram.

8)Please input the sender name in English.
Please make sure that the sender name is correct.

9)Please select the origin country from the
      drop-down menu.

10)Please input your receiving bank account.
Please make sure that the name of the bank account holder matches with the name on your ID.

11)Please select your relationship to the sender from
        the drop-down menu.

12)Please select the purpose of remittance from the
        menu, and fill out the blank with details.

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