With 'Cash Pickup'(paid out in cash at MoneyGram Agent locations), you can send money to over 200 countries around the world. Your families or friends can pickup cash with a reference number and their photo ID, without the need of a bank account. Reference number will be informed to you by email when we complete processig your Send Money order. Don't tell your reference number to anyone else than your beneficiary.

As the maximum payable amount at an agent locations depends on their contract with MoneyGram, please ask your nearest MoneyGram agent in advance.

You can find a pickup location at MoneyGram Homepage. Or you can contact a local MoneyGram Call Center.

  • 1. Your Send Money order is subject to rules of MoneyGram and the laws and ordinances of the destination country. Your beneficiary will be paid out in accordance with all the rules and laws applied. In some cases your beneficiary may not be able to pickup all or part of his/her money due to the limits in receiving fequency or amount, pickup currency, age, or any other limits applied by the laws and ordinances of the destination country.
  • 2. In some countries, FX rate applied may differ from the one when you've ordered due to the following reasons.
    • (1)Your beneficiary may be paid out in MoneyGram specified currency other than the original currency you've specified. In such case, FX rate will be applied once again to convert the currencies.
    • (2)Income tax, stamp duty tax, or payout charges may be imposed to your beneficiary, under the laws or ordinances of the destination country.
  • 3. In some countries, additional application forms, documents, or procedures may be required to receive money.
  • 4. Your beneficiary must receive his/her money at MoneyGram's agent locations in the country you have specified in your order.
  • 5. Your beneficiary may need to go through additional procedures or pay additional costs to receive money into his/her bank account.

1. The remittance rate to apply will be determined by the MoneyGram system by the time the remittance is processed.
2. The transfer rate is updated in real time.
3. Therefore, the customer cannot know the rate before remittance is processed.

Transactions for which we have process are automatically checked, including suspicious transactions, according to MoneyGram's check criteria.

  • 1. As a result, your remittance transaction may be in a state such as [Hold] [Block] and the receipt may be withheld.
  • 2. In that case, MoneyGram will not provide any information to us (MoneyGram Agent)( Because it may be related to the confidential information of the customer.)
  • 3. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm and explain the reason why it was held between MoneyGram and the customer himself.

    MoneyGram Call Center (Japan) : 080-0805-7496 (Toll Free)

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