With enRemit, your beneficiary can pickup cash at more than 340,000 MoneyGram agents throughout the world.
You can find your nearest overseas pickup locations at MoneyGram website.

About Our Partner, MoneyGram

MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc ('MoneyGram'), is one of the most reliable remittance companies in the world, offering more than 350,000 pickup locations all over the world.

You can send money safely and cheaply to MoneyGram pickup locations. Your beneficiary can pickup cash within 10 minutes*1 after you complete your Send Money order.

Even if your families and friends abroad do not have a bank account, they can pickup or send money securely and safely.

Convinient and reliable MoneyGram Agents network is made up of retail stores, post offices, and financial institutions.

*1 Order processing time may vary from few minutes to few days depending on the pickup country and the delivery method.

In partnership with MoneyGram