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Bank Charges in Japan

enRemit does not charge any fee for receiving money.
Your money will be credited to your bank account after we deduct the bank charges as listed below.

Financial Institutions Bank Charges(Tax included)
PayPay Bank ¥55
Other Financial Institutions ¥160

Cash delivery service charges in Japan

enRemit does not charge any fee for receiving money.
Your money will be delivered in person by Japan Post after we deduct the cash delivery charges as listed below.

Delivery Method Amount Delivery charges (Tax included)
Cash Delivery (Japan Post) Up to ¥500,000 ¥500 (Special flat rate)

Simple Steps to Receive Money(Over ¥100,000) through enRemit

1Register as a member
at enRemit.com

All you need to do is to fill out our member registration form online. Please have a copy of your photo ID ready.

▼How to register as a member

2Submit an ID Copy ~
ID Verficiation Process

Send us a copy of your valid photo ID through our website, or by FAX or mail.
If everything is good, you will receive a welcome letter with a verification code, via a non-forwardable mail to the address on your ID, within 2~7 days.

▼About ID Verification Process
▼If welcome letter arrives...

3Ask your Sender
to send money

Ask your sender to visit one of the MoneyGram agents and send money to you from overseas.
Please let your sender know the exact name on your ID.

4Login to enRemit and
Fill out Receive Form

Place a Receive Money order or fill out our Receive Form with information on the sender, reference number, and your bank account in Japan.

▼How to receive money

5Money is now credited
to your bank account

The money sent from overseas will be credited to your account with bank charges deducted, by the next business day if you place your order by 2PM.

▼Bank Charges in Japan
▼Cash delivery service

Service Details (Receive Money)

Receive Money

enRemit is an online overseas remittance service operated by C-Square Incorporated, a registered Japanese Funds Transfer Service Provider, in partnership with MoneyGram.
By receiving money(sent through MoneyGram) via enRemit, you can have your money credited directly into your bank account.

Basic Requirements

At enRemit, we are willing to serve all customers equally well, but due to the limitations and regulations of the Japanese government, the use of our sevice is limited to those customers who meet the following conditions, and agrees to our terms and conditions.

  1. Customer who holds a bank account in Japan.
  2. Customer who passes the anti-money laundering and anti social force screening.
  3. Customer who either registers as a member by completing our ID verification process or submits a copy of his/her ID to become an one time user.
Period of contract

A customer who registered as a member is not limited to contract periods. But A guest (unregistered) user is limited to one time use only, and needs to contract every time they use the service.

Receivable Amount
  1. Guest(Unregistered) User
    The least of either ¥100,000 or $900 equivalent per order.
  2. Member(Registered) User
    The least of either ¥1,000,000 or $10,000 equivalent per order.
    In case of Cash delivery service, up to ¥500,000 per order

* There is no limit on total amount nor frequency.

* Please be advised that we may contact you to check on the purpose of remittance.

Receivable Amount
There is no minimum amount set.
However, we will not be able to credit anything to your bank account if the receivable amount is less than the bank charges.
Currency Japanese Yen only
Service Fees


* You should bear the bank charges in Japan.
We will credit the money to your bank account after deducting the bank charges.

ID Verification You should submit a copy of your Japanese government issued ID with your address, name, and date of birth shown.
(You don't need to send us any document if you have already registered as a member)
Please note that we may ask your purpose of the remittance.
Contract Engagement You will be engaged into a remittance contract for receiving money, once we accept your Receive Money order.
Order Cancellation Once you are engaged into a remittance contract for receiving money, you are not allowed to cancel your order.
However, we accept cancellation for orders that we haven't started processing.
Change Order You are not allowed to change your order.
* If you have to change your order information, please cancel and order again.
Order Processing Receive Money orders placed until 3PM JST(closing hour of Japanese banks) will be processed within the next business day. Orders placed after 2PM will be processed within two business days.
However, the process may be delayed if an issue arises.
Other information
  • We will credit money to your bank account, after we confirm that the account holder matches with the name on your ID.
    Please be advised that we may not be able to complete your order if there is any mistake in your information on bank name, branch name, account type, account number, and account holder name.
  • Account deposit will be carried out for each reference number.
  • Bank charges will be deducted for each reference number even though you place multiple orders at the same time.

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  • Receive money

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    Receive up to ¥1,000,000

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