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3 Simple Steps to Send Money(Over ¥100,000) with enRemit

1Register as a Member
at enRemit.com

All you need to do is to fill out our member registration form online.
Please have a copy of your photo ID ready.

▼How to register as a member

2Submit an ID Copy ~
ID Verficiation Process

Send us a copy of your valid photo ID through our website, or by FAX or mail.
If everything is good, you will receive a welcome letter with a verification code, via a non-forwardable mail to the address on your ID, within 2~7 days.

▼About ID Verification Process
▼If welcome letter arrives...

3Login to enRemit,
Make an Online Order

Please input the verification code, and login as a member.
Now, you can place a Send Money order upto ¥1,000,000 through our website.
Please make your payment to one of our bank accounts, to have your order processed.

▼How to send money

Service Details (Send Money)

Send Money

enRemit is an online overseas remittance service operated by C-Square Incorporated, a registered Japanese Funds Transfer Service Provider, in partnership with MoneyGram.
By sending money via enRemit, your beneficiary can pickup money at more than 340,000 agent locations worldwide.

Basic Requirements

At enRemit, we are willing to serve all customers equally well, but due to the limitations and regulations of the Japanese government, the use of our sevice is limited to those customers who meet the following conditions, and agrees to our terms and conditions.

  1. Customer who passes the anti-money laundering and anti social force filtering.
  2. Customer who agrees to the terms and conditions of our service.
  3. Customer who either registers as a member by completing our ID verification process or submits a copy of his/her ID to become an one time user.
Period of contract

A customer who registered as a member is not limited to contract periods. But A guest (unregistered) user is limited to one time use only, and needs to contract every time they use the service.

Purpose of Remittance

Currently we are not accepting remittance for the following purposes :

* Remittance for payment of import or service charge.

* Any such remittance that is subject to prior permission, approval, report, or registration regulated by the 'Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act'.

Maximum Send Amount
  1. Guest(Unregistered) Users
    The least of either ¥100,000 or $900 equivalent per order.
  2. Member(Registered) Users
    ¥1,000,000 per order.
Minimum Send Amount ¥1,000 per order.
Countries & Currencies You can select from our lists of countries and currencies.
Service Fee It depends on your destination country and send amount. (Full Service Fee Table
Restrictions Please be advised that there are restrictions on frequency and total amount of remittances. Moreover, from time to time certain countries and currencies may be unavailable for service, due to international affairs or MoneyGram policies.
Order Processing Send Money orders placed and paid until 3PM JST(closing hour of Japanese banks) will be processed within the same business day. Orders placed or paid after 3PM will be processed the next business day.
Order Processing time
  1. Cash pickup (10 minutes service)
    It'll be available just after your reference number issued.
  2. Account deposit
    [Account Deposit UnionPay(China)]
    Normally it takes around 10 minutes for your money to be credited, from the time the reference number is issued.
    For out of Chinese banking hours, it takes 1 business day.

    [Account Deposit ICBC(China)]
    Normally it takes 2 business days for your money to be credited, from the date the reference number is issued.

    [Account Deposit:MOST BANKS(Philippines)]
    Normally it takes 1 business day for your money to be credited into Banco De Oro, from the date the reference number is issued.
    For other banks, it takes 2 business days from the date the reference number is issued.

    [Account Deposit:ALL BANKS(Brazil)]
    It takes around 3 hours for your money to be credited into most of the banks, from the time the reference number is issued.
    For some banks it may take up to 14 hours.(1 business day)
Cancel and Refund
  1. Send Money order that hasn't been collected by the beneficiary can be cancelled.
  2. In an event where the beneficiary does not pick up his/her money for more than 30 days, Send Money order will be cancelled without any prior notice.
  3. Please be advised that Send Money order may be cancelled without any prior notice, if we find or suspect there is a breach of pre-agreed terms and conditions.
  4. In general, only the send amount will be subject to refund. We do not refund other fees or expenses.
    * Domestic wire transfer fee accompanied by a refund should be borne by the customer.
    * Refund amount will be the result of deducting all fees and expenses from the send amount.
    Please note that it may take more than 4 business days to complete a refund.
Change Order

You are not allowed to change your order information.

* If you have to change your order information, please cancel and order again.

Other Information
  1. Please note that there may be further requirements by our partner, destination country, or pickup locations.
  2. Restrictions may be added or modified without prior notice.
  • 'Pickup locations' means overseas MoneyGram agents where the beneficiary can pickup his/her money sent through enRemit.
  • You can find out your order details from 'My Account' menu.

Let's get started!

  • Send money up to ¥1,000,000

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    Send up to ¥1,000,000

  • Send money up to 100,000 JPY

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    Send up to ¥100,000