enRemit ATM Card

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If you send money to the same recipient frequently, we recommend our enRemit ATM card which can be used at any Lawson located in Japan.

Apply Now (Members)

Q1.What is an enRemit ATM Card?

A1.enRemit ATM Card is an 'Automatic Bank Transfer Card' for making payments to our designated bank account.

With enRemit ATM Card you can easily send money to a designated recipient by simply depositing money using the card. Unlike making remittance applications on our web page or at our counter, there is no need to specify your recipient information nor the purpose of remittance, making your remittance simple and instant.

Q2.How is it useful?

A2.Just imagine the art of 13,500 deposit locations within Japan linked to 340,000 payment locations overseas.

At enRemit, we believe sending money should be more affordable, accessible, or even enjoyable. There is a network of 13,500 ATMs spread throughout Japan, literally making remittance available from any street.
By depositing into your Card, Send Money order will be automatically initiated.

  • A single designated beneficiary is registered for each card. (We issue only one enRemit ATM Card to our member)
  • You can deposit money at any Lawson Bank ATM.
  • Payment can only be made in yen bills.

Q3.How do I apply? How do I use it?

A3.The diagrams shown below explains the flow.

  1. 1Apply enRemit ATM Card

    Register your beneficiary information, purpose of remittance, etc. and apply for a card. It can be done from "enRemit ATM Card Application" menu on the member's My Page.

    Apply Now (Members)

    enRemit ATM Card Application
  2. 2After you get your enRemit ATM Card

    When the Card arrives, please confirm that the card number, delivery method, currency, and the beneficiary's name printed on the letter are correct.

    enRemit will mail you enRemit ATM Card.
  3. 3Please deposit the desired remittance amount

    The amount after deducting the remittance fee and Lawson ATM deposit fee will be remitted.

    Pay in with your enRemit ATM Card
2 easy ways to apply for a enRemit ATM Card

Apply Online

▼ Login first ▼

Login page will popup in a new window

Click 'enRemit ATM Card' Menu

Select Menu

Go to 'My Account' menu, then click 'enRemit ATM Card'.

Check whether you can apply

Check your registration status

You can check whether you have already applied for a Card. Please note that you can have only one Card at a time.

Click 'Apply for a enRemit ATM Card'. (The button will be shown if you have never applied.)

Register your beneficiary's information

Register Beneficiary's information

Please read through the terms and conditions of enRemit ATM Card. Please fill out the form after you agree to the terms and conditions.

How to fill out the form

Click 'Next'.

Confirm your input

Confirm the pre-registered information

Please confirm your input and click 'Confirm'.

Application complete

Application Completed

That's it! You are done with your application.

Receive your card

Mail you a card

If everything is good with your application, we will send your enRemit ATM Card to the address printed on your ID by the next business day. If your card doesn't arrive within 7days from your application, please contact the enRemit Service Center.

Everything is now set!

Start Using

Please use the enRemit ATM Card to deposit money at Lawson Bank ATMs. After confirming your payment, we will send an automatic email. You can also check it from My Page.

If you have already registered as a member,

Apply by FAX or Mail (Upon Member Registeration)

You can apply for a Card when you register as a member by FAX or mail.

Fill out the form and submit to us

by Mail

[Mail Application]
Please fill out the member registration form and send it together with a copy of your valid photo ID. Print out our label, paste it to your envelope and drop it into a mailbox. No postage is needed.

enRemit label (for envelope)

Mail mount (For Japanese)

Mail mount (For foreigner)

by FAX

[FAX Application]
Please send us your member registration form and a copy of your valid photo ID by FAX (03-3359-0029, To:enRemit)

Welcome Letter wiht an enRemit Card will be mailed to you

Welcome Letter will be mailed with enRemit ATM Card

If everything is good with your application, we will send you a welcome letter to the address printed on your ID.

If you also fill out the information of your beneficaiary, an enRemit ATM card will be enclosed within the welcome letter.

Everything is now set!

Enjoy enRemit!

Now with your Card on your hand, you can deposit at any of the 13,500 ATMs at Lawson nationwide
You can also check your beneficiary's information linked to your Card from 'My Account' menu.

Service Details (enRemit ATM Card)

enRemit ATM Card

When you make a deposit at a Lawson Bank ATM using an enRemit ATM card, the amount of Japanese yen after deducting the ATM deposit fee and the remittance fee from the amount deposited will be sent to the beneficiary you have designated.

Basic Requirements

The use of enRemit ATM Card is limited to those customers who meet the following conditions, and agrees to our terms and conditions.

  1. Customer who has registered as a member by completing our ID verification process
  2. Customer who applied for a enRemit ATM Card by registering his/her beneficiary's information
Purpose of Remittance

Currently we are not accepting remittance for the following purposes :

* Remittance for payment of import or service charge.

* Any such remittance that is subject to prior permission, approval, report, or registration regulated by the 'Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act'.

Maximum Send Amount

Send amount per order is limited to 500,000 yen per transaction. If Annual send amount exceeds ¥3,600,000, we will contact you to ask your proof of income.

*Maximum amount may be less for some countries.

Minimum Send Amount ¥5,000 per order
Countries & Currencies You can select from our lists of countries and currencies.
Service Fees It depends on your destination country and send amount. (Full Service Fee Table
ATM / Bank Charges The ATM deposit fee (330 yen flat) will be shouldered by the customer, and will be deducted from the deposit amount.
Order Completion

One business day.

* In case of 'Account Deposit', it may take up to 3 business days to be credited into your beneficiary's bank account.

Cancel and Refund
  1. Send Money order that hasn't been collected by the beneficiary can be cancelled.
  2. In an event where the beneficiary does not pick up his/her money for more than 30 days, Send Money order will be cancelled without any prior notice.
  3. Please be advised that Send Money order may be cancelled without any prior notice, if we find or suspect there is a breach of pre-agreed terms and conditions.
  4. In general, only the send amount will be subject to refund. We do not refund other fees or expenses.
    * Domestic wire transfer fee accompanied by a refund should borne by the customer.
    * Refund amount will be the result of deducting all fees and expenses from the send amount.
    Please note that it may take more than 4 business days to complete a refund.
Change remittance information

Please note that you can not change your beneficiary right after you deposit money.

If you wish to change the remittance information registered on your enremit ATM card, please contact us by e-mail (email: info@enremit.com) with how you want to change.

Important Notice

enRemit may terminate the contract or suspend service under the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Other information
  • The deposited amount will be sent to your pre-registered beneficiary after deducting ATM / bank charges, and service fees. We will inform you of the service fees, FX rate, currency, receivable amount, and the reference number via email.
  • You can find out your order details from 'My Account' menu.
  • A single deposit will be regarded as one Send Money order. Please note that if you deposit more than once, each deposit will be resulted into a Send Money order. (e.g. If you make 2 deposits, 2 Send Money orders will be carried out.)