Delivery Methods

enRemit provides two delivery methods, 'Cash Pickup' and 'Account Deposit'.
You can have your beneficiary to pick up his/her cash at any MoneyGram Agent locations(Cash Pickup), or you can send money directly to the beneficiary's bank account(Account Deposit).

Cash Pickup

Have your beneficiary pick up his/her cash at any MoneyGram Agent locations

▼How 'Cash Pickup' works

Countries and currencies covered
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Account Deposit
Account Deposit

Make a direct deposit to your beneficiary's bank account. (limited to some countries)

▼How 'Account Deposit' works

Restriction Details

How it works

Cash Pickup

You can send money to over 200 countries in the world. Your families or friends can pickup cash without the need of a bank account.
Your beneficiary can simply visit one of the 340,000 MoneyGram agent locations spread out all over the globe.

Pickup cash at any agents (10 Minute Service)

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    Register as a Member

    If you are sending over ¥100,000, you should register as our member. If you are sending less, you can skip this step.*1  

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    Place a Send Order

    Place your order online or fill out our Send Form with information on destination country, beneficiary's name, send amount, and currency.

    Send Money as a Guest

    Send Money as a Member

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    Make your Payment

    Please make your payment to one of our bank accounts. Please be advised that your payment should include our service fee.

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    Order Process

    Once we confirm your payment, we will process your order and have MoneyGram ready to pay out.

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    Reference Number

    We will inform you of your reference number via an email.
    You can also check from our 'My Account' menu.

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    Tell your beneficiary

    Tell the number only to your beneficiary.
    Remind him/her that a valid ID is also needed to be paid out.

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    Pickup the cash

    Your beneficiary can pickup his/her cash at any MoneyGram locations.
    (Valid ID and reference number are needed)

*1 Sending a photocopy of your ID
When you send money as a guest user, we ask you to kindly send us a photocopy of your ID either by uploading online or by FAX.

Account Deposit

By choosing 'Account Deposit', you can send money directly to your beneficiary's bank account
Please check the conditions for 'Account Deposit' for each country. (The conditions vary among these countries.)

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