Simple with PC or smartphone!

ID verification
with video phone

With your PC or smartphone camera, Your ID verification can be done simply!

For iPhone and Android

For PC

iPhone /


With camera/

OS iOS 9.0
or later
or later
Windows 7
or later
Mac OS 10.9
or later

Identity verification procedure by videocallComplete in minimum 3 minutes

If you verify your identity verification with videocall with your smartphone, you will be able to send money immediately as you can skip the process of ID verification with the ID we will send you through post later on.

1Enter customerinformation

2Customer information registration

3Identity verification procedure

4Remittance application

Before upload

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Please prepare a scanned copy (image file) or a photocopy of your ID, and then click 'Upload Online' or 'Create FAX Cover Sheet'.

ID verification process

  • 01



    Your face and identification card
    should be shown together
    on the camera.

  • 02


    ID card check

    Both the front and back side of
    your ID card should be shown
    on the camera.

  • 03


    My number check

    Both the front and back side of
    your My number document should
    be shown on the camera.

will be able to send money immediately after verifying your identity.

Function/device needed for TV call is same as below.

  • Internal PC camera or external camera device

    We have to check both you and your ID cards through a Video phone.

  • Speaker/microphone

    We recommend you to use speaker, earphone or headphone with microphone.

  • Internet access

    This service uses internet access(high-speed network).The call is free of charge, but internet data charge should be paid. We recommend you to use stable internet access for better Video phone call quality.
    ※We cannot guarantee the result of ID verification if the call quality is not good.