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What is foreign PEPs(Politically Exposed Persons)?
In accordance with implementation of the law amending Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds(Act No.117 of 2014), our company is confirming that our customers are not the foreign PEPs from October 1st, 2016.

Foreign PEPs(Politically Exposed Persons) means a person who corresponds below.
1. A person who is currently/previously one of the kind foreign politically exposed people list below .
● Head of State
● Equivalent to Prime minister,Secretary of State, and Deputy minister in Japan
●Equivalent to Speaker and Vice speaker of the House of Representatives, Speaker and Vice speaker of the House of Councilors in Japan 
● Equivalent to the judge of Supreme court in Japan 
●Equivalent to Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary, Envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary, Correspondent ambassador, Government representative, and Plenipotentiary in Japan 
Equivalent to Chief of Staff, Joint staff, Vice chief of Staff, Joint Staff, Chief of Staff G.S.D.F., Vice chief of Staff G.S.D.F., Chief of Staff M.S.D.F., Vice chief of Staff M.S.D.F., Chief of Staff A.S.D.F., Vice chief of Staff A.S.D.F.  
● Officer of a central bank 
● Officer of a corporation body that its budget must be passed a vote or approved by a national assembly 

2. Person who is family(Spouse (including common-law marriage), parents, children, brother, sister, spouse's parents or children) of the person who is correspondent to 1 above(Please check the picture below)

Regarding application, if the applicant is considered as foreign PEPs or the persons concerned, an additional identification documents(other than the original identification documents the applicant previously submitted) will be required. For that reason, please understand that sending process can take more time than usual. If the applicant is confirmed as foreign PEPs or the persons concerned, some transactions will be restricted.

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