Frequently Asked Questions

What's enRemit?
enRemit is an online overseas remittance service operated by C-Square Inc., a registered Funds Transfer Service Provider, in partnership with MoneyGram. 
You can enroll yourself online or make a money-send request with just few clicks. As an online service, we are open on weekdays (Mon - Fri) from 10AM - 3PM throughout all Japan.
Moreover, you do not need to open an additional account for sending money. You can pay at an ATM around you, or through internet banking, or even more conveniently by depositting into enRemit's Yuucho Remit Card.

Your beneficiary can pickup money at more than 340,000 MoneyGram agents located in more than 200 countries. It can be paid in cash or into a bank account.

You can also receive your money sent through MoneyGram into your bank account in Japan.

For more details : enRemit Service Overview.

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